Introduction of SAP Hybris SAP Hybris product suite generated by HYBRIS acquired by SAP in 2013 is a solution for Commerce, Sales, Marketing,  Service and Billing in any industry establishing open standards, multi-channel touch points. SAP Hybris Overview SAP Hybris Training in Bangalore tells that the product is formed of several elements each satisfying the different industry demands in the e-commerce world. These are optional elements, that can be opted by the clients based on their particular market conditions on top of basic core element what we call as HYBRIS platform. Platform module is the heart of Hybris suite that provides the essential infrastructure needed to create system components that meet a particular business condition on top of it. No module can survive individually without core platform. The Hybris/SAP Solution Integration gives a standardized, ready-to-use integration structure that joins the Hybris Commerce Suite’s omni-commerce abilities w